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About Need for Sleep

Need for Sleep is a series of sleep research camps for teens in Singapore conducted by the Sleep and Cognition Laboratory (Formerly the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory) to investigate the relationships between restricted sleep, health and cognitive outcomes in adolescents.

Our test battery manuscript has been accepted for publication in SLEEP®.

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Previously, we found that a 1.5 hour afternoon nap could improve performance in sleep-deprived adolescents. Interestingly, we also found that this split sleep schedule benefits learning after a nap opportunity without impairing morning learning, despite less sleep the night before. While not replacing adequate nocturnal sleep, a split sleep schedule may be beneficial for chronically sleep restricted learners.

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In 2019, NFS5 aimed to uncover whether napping is still beneficial when participants are getting enough sleep overall, but apportioning the total amount of sleep between daytime naps and nocturnal sleep. 




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