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     This study investigated the effects of sleep restriction (7 nights of 5 h sleep opportunity) on cognitive performance, subjective sleepiness, and mood in adolescents. Compared to having 9h a night to sleep sleeping 5 h for 7 nights, resulted in steady decline of sustained attention, working memory/executive function, and speed of processing. Subjective alertness and positive mood were also impaired. Among the measures evaluated, sustained attention was most affected by multiple nights of sleep restriction. Critically, some neurobehavioral measures did not fully recover even after 2 nights of 9 h sleep opportunity.



Cognitive Performance, Sleepiness, and Mood in Partially Sleep Deprived Adolescents: The Need for Sleep Study.


EEG changes across multiple nights of sleep restriction and recovery in adolescents: The Need for Sleep study


Sleep Restriction Impairs Vocabulary Learning when Adolescents Cram for Exams. The Need for Sleep Study


Sleep restriction can attenuate prioritization benefits on declarative memory consolidation

Sleep deprivation increases formation of false memory


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News article: 'Need for sleep': Even elite students are not spared 

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